Get Vibing: The Best Sex Positions for Using Sex Toys

Sex toys have become a popular and exciting addition to many couples’ intimate experiences. They can add novelty, pleasure, and intensity to your bedroom adventures. Combining sex positions with the right sex toys can take your pleasure to new heights. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best sex positions to try when incorporating sex toys into your lovemaking for a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Missionary Magic

The classic missionary position can be enhanced with the use of a couple’s vibrator or a remote-controlled bullet. Place the vibrator on her clitoris or your perineum and let the vibrations work their magic as you engage in slow, intimate thrusts. The added stimulation can make this timeless position feel entirely new and electrifying.

Cowgirl with a Twist

In the cowgirl position, where she’s on top, take things up a notch by introducing a vibrating cock ring. Slide the ring over the base of your penis, and as she rides you, the vibrations will stimulate both of you simultaneously. The dual pleasure will intensify her sensations and make you feel even closer.

Doggy Style Delight

For those who enjoy the doggy-style position, consider adding a butt plug or anal vibrator into the mix. The unique blend of vaginal or penile stimulation with anal pleasure can create an explosive experience. Just ensure that you use plenty of lubrication and go slow if it’s your first time with anal play.

Spooning Sensation

Spooning is an intimate and cozy position that’s perfect for incorporating a remote-controlled vibrator or a love egg. She can hold the toy against her clitoris while you both enjoy the sensual closeness of this position. The added stimulation can make spooning feel incredibly intimate and pleasurable.

Standing Ovation

Standing sex positions are excellent for adding a wand massager or a vibrating bullet to the action. Whether it’s a quickie in the shower or a passionate encounter against a wall, the versatility of these positions, combined with the extra sensations of a sex toy, can be unforgettable.

The Bridge to Ecstasy

The bridge position offers an opportunity to explore new heights of pleasure. Lie on your back with your hips raised while she straddles you, facing your feet. Use a G-spot or prostate massager to target internal pleasure points while maintaining eye contact and deep connection.

The Wheelbarrow Wonderland

For the adventurous and strong, the wheelbarrow position can be exhilarating. You hold her legs while she uses a clitoral or G-spot vibrator for added stimulation. The combination of support and toy-enhanced pleasure can lead to an intense and unforgettable experience.

The Lap of Luxury

If you have a remote-controlled toy, you can explore the lap dance position. She can take control, teasing and pleasing you while you both savour the anticipation. This position adds an element of dominance and submission that can be highly arousing.


Incorporating sex toys into your bedroom adventures can add excitement and variety to your intimate life. The key to a fulfilling experience is communication, consent, and a willingness to explore together. Experiment with different sex positions and sex toys to find the combinations that work best for you and your partner.

Remember to prioritize safety and hygiene by using appropriate lubrication, cleaning your toys regularly, and following manufacturer guidelines. With the right sex positions and toys, you can take your intimate moments to a whole new level of pleasure, connection, and satisfaction. So, embrace the adventure and enjoy the delightful world of sex toys in your relationship.