The Best Sex Toys To Enhance Solo Play 

Sex toys are a great way to enhance your solo play experience, but with so many on the market, you might have a hard time choosing the right one. Below you will find some of the best toys to start your journey of self-discovery.


This diminutive egg-shaped sex toy offers a powerful punch and some of the most advanced features available. It’s a great toy for both beginners and more advanced users, offering 11 vibration modes that range from a gentle caress to a toe-curling thrum.

To make things more interesting, the Ella Neo has SVAKOM app connectivity for hands-free enjoyment. If you’re feeling daring, you could even let a partner take control no matter where they are in the world.

If you use porn as a masturbatory aid, the Ella Neo will also allow you to enhance the experience by syncing with compatible content on PornHub – you will feel like you are part of the action!

WeVibe Chorus

The Chorus is one of the most versatile sex toys on the market today. It can be used in several ways – if you have a penis, you can use it as a stroker, while those with vaginas can use it to stimulate the G spot, massage the clitoris, or both.

It is also one of the best toys for use with a partner – it is designed so that it can also be worn during penetrative sex, which will heighten stimulation for both partners.

Not skimping on any features here, the Chorus also features app connectivity allowing you to have a hands-free experience. It’s also waterproof, so you can make bath or shower time that much more exciting.

Njoy Pure Metal Wand

While vibrating toys are fantastic, there are still some great options that might surprise and delight that don’t feature any electronics. The Njoy Pure Metal Wand is a great example of this. 

This is a stainless steel curved wand that has 2 different-sized ball ends and is great for use as a massage aid or for G spot stimulation. The curved ball end design makes the Njoy Pure Metal Wand a great prostate massager, too.

Stainless steel is a great conductor, so it warms up to body temperature quickly – if you want to get a little adventurous, you could try cooling it off, as well.

Vibratex Original Magic Wand

The iconic Magic Wand has an interesting history and is still easily one of the most iconic sex toys of all time. Originally created and marketed by Hitachi as a device for relaxing and massaging muscles, it didn’t take long before someone discovered that it could be used as an incredible clitoral stimulator as well.

Now marketed under the Vibratex brand, the Magic Wand is still held aloft as a gold standard among sex toys. There are various attachments available for the device that allow the user to stimulate the G spot, as well as attachments that fit over the shaft of a penis for mind-blowing pleasure.

Naturally, you can also use the Magic Wand for its original intended purpose, meaning that it is not only one of the best sex toys on the market, but it’s also one of the most versatile. Due to its infamy, you won’t be fooling anyone by telling them you bought it as a massager – best keep it stashed like you would any other sex toy!

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vortex

You have probably heard of Fleshlight’s popular male masturbatory aids. The Pink Lady Vortex is an upgraded version of the original version that has a more realistic design that replicates the anatomy and texture of a real vagina.

The Pink Lady Vortex can be adjusted to varying degrees of suction, allowing the user to experiment with different levels of resistance and experience a new level of sexual gratification.

B-Vibe Trio Plug

If you’re curious about anal play, it would be wise to purchase a toy designed specifically for this purpose – you’ll be saving yourself from the potential of an embarrassing trip to the emergency room; anal toys are typically flared to prevent them from fully entering the anal cavity, which doesn’t have an “ending” as a vagina does.

The B-Vibe Trio plug is a great option for beginners to anal play. It is small and easily inserted and features 3 powerful motors that stimulate different areas as a great introduction to anal pleasure.

It also has a wireless remote, making it easy to adjust the vibration intensity and pattern. It is soft and flexible, with the seamless silicon making it easy to clean. The B-Vibe Trio is shower-safe, but it might make you weak at the knees – so be sure to play safely!


In the world of sex toys, there is something for everyone. It can be intimidating for a beginner who isn’t quite sure what kind of toy would be right for them. Hopefully, this list will make choosing the right toy a little easier and help you start your journey of sexual self-discovery.