Our Guide To Choosing The Perfect Sex Toy for Maximum Pleasure

Choosing the right sex toy can be intimidating – there are hundreds of options, all in different shapes, sizes, and form factors. This reflects how widely varied each individual’s needs are when it comes to pleasure.

When choosing a sex toy you need to be aware of what kind of stimulation you prefer. If you are unsure, the best way to figure this out is to masturbate and take note of where you like being stimulated. Of course, your anatomy also plays a role. It’s also helpful to consider whether you will be using the toy with a partner or exclusively for solo play.

Below we will cover some tips to help you find the perfect sex toy for your needs.

Clitoral vs. Internal Stimulation

It’s no secret that most people get off on clitoral stimulation as opposed to internal stimulation – that said, you probably enjoy a bit of both, so it’s best to choose a toy that will offer you some versatility. 

Most vibrators can be used for both clitoral and internal stimulation, so the main factor would be to consider your preferred size – a petite sex egg might be all you need, but you might want a longer or girthier toy for internal stimulation.

There are many toys on the market that are designed for both external and internal stimulation, if you want the best of both worlds look for a vibrator with dual heads – some models also have multiple motors, if you want something more powerful and versatile.

Choose Toys Specifically For Anal Stimulation

If you enjoy some anal play, it is recommended that you get a toy designed for this purpose. You can get anal plugs and beads of all shapes and sizes, some will also have powerful vibrators built into them.

Toys made for anal play typically have a large flair to prevent the toy from completely entering the anal cavity. Beads usually have a harness or string designed to help facilitate removal. 

We have all heard horror stories of embarrassing trips to the emergency room – so rather than taking a risk, buy a toy built for the purpose.

Choose Body Safe Materials

Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin it’s important to choose a toy that is made from materials that will not harm or irritate you. The most popular choice is body-safe silicone, but phthalate-free PVC, glass, and metal are also options.

Ensure that your toy of choice is explicitly labelled body-safe – most reputable sex toy manufacturers do not compromise here, so be sure to buy your toy from a source you can trust.

Set and Setting

Depending on where you are planning to use your new sex toy, you might want to consider options that have a degree of waterproofing. Waterproofing has a dual benefit – it allows you to use the sex toy in the bath or shower, while also making it easy to clean.

If you prefer using your toy in the shower, look for one with an IPX6 rating – this means it can withstand jets of water. If you want to use it in the bath, settle for no less than an IPX7 rating since this means it can be completely submerged.

Rechargeable Pleasure

There is nothing that kills the mood faster than reaching for your trusty toy only to find that the batteries are flat. By the time you scratch around the house and find some, the ship has sailed.

Many sex toys come with internal rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to worry about the mood fading or having to steal the batteries out of the TV remote when you need to get off. In the worst case, you will have to wait for your toy to charge, and this kind of anticipation is far sexier than having to get dressed and go to the store for batteries.

The Sound of Silence

Not all vibrating toys are built alike, and some of the cheaper ones have crude, noisy motors that might get the job done but are noisy enough that you won’t be able to use them discreetly.

Look for a toy that has been designed to operate quietly – they will usually be labelled as having a whisper-quiet motor, often with a sound level rating in decibels. SVAKOM is one of the best toy manufacturers with a line of powerful vibrators that are also so quiet that you won’t be able to hear them from behind a closed door.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that nobody will hear you getting down to business is usually worth the difference in price when comparing toys. 


There are so many toys on the market that it can be difficult to choose. You might also wonder why some similar-looking toys vary so much in price. A high-quality sex toy will not only last longer, but it will offer you features like waterproofing and quiet operation as well.