The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Even if sex with your partner is great, you can spice things up by getting a few sex toys to use in the bedroom. Many people will admit that after a while the usual vanilla sex sometimes feels more like a chore; sex toys can help reignite the spark and have you and your partner all over each other like a new couple.

The primary benefit of using sex toys in the bedroom is that it can get your sex life out of the inevitable slump that many long-term relationships suffer, increasing feelings of intimacy and closeness between you and your partner. Sex toys can also help both partners feel more satisfied and excited to engage in sex more frequently, and this is a very healthy thing for any relationship.

Below we will discuss these points in more detail, and share a few other tips on why you should use sex toys in the bedroom. Even if you are happy with your sex life, you can make it better for both parties with one or more toys by encouraging creativity and experimentation.

Sex Feels Less Like A Chore

This is a major concern among couples that have been together for a while. As humans, we are creatures of habit and our behaviour tends to become somewhat repetitive. It can be hard to admit, especially if you still enjoy the way you and your partner share your bodies, but we all crave a little excitement now and again.

Introducing sex toys to the bedroom can be an exciting way to turn that spark you share with your partner into a roaring and passionate fire. Even a simple vibrator, if used correctly, can be used to explore each other’s bodies in new ways – this adds excitement to what may have become more of a routine than something you look forward to every day.

Vibrators aren’t your only option, but they are always a fun aid. Investing in something like this Fifty Shades Pleasure Overload kit, which contains a range of items that you can experiment with, will give you and your partner plenty of options for a bit of light BDSM play. 

Both Partners Will Feel More Satisfied

Let’s face it – we all wonder at times whether our partner is truly satisfied with our sexual performance. Men in particular are sensitive to feeling inadequate if they can’t get their partner to O with every encounter, no matter how much you reassure them. Many women resort to faking it for their partner’s benefit and then feel awful afterwards even though their intentions are in a good place.

Sex toys can help reduce performance anxiety by giving both partners something else to focus on. This can make the whole act more natural, and you might find that you both feel much more comfortable and satisfied after introducing a toy or two to your sexual regimen.  

Sex toys can also make vanilla sex much more enjoyable – you can think of sex toys as training wheels for a bicycle, and you won’t always need them for fiery passionate sex once the performance anxiety is a thing of the past. The We-Vibe Unite is a fantastic vibrator that can be used in a variety of ways, including penetrative sex, enhancing the experience for both parties.

Getting More Adventurous

Sex is supposed to be fun, and as discussed above, it can get boring if you don’t make an effort to make things more exciting. The dreaded “dead bedroom” is often a death sentence for relationships, and is usually a result of both partners failing to make sex more interesting from time to time.

You and your partner might have your preferred positions and ways of getting it on, and this is perfectly fine until it’s the only way you are having sex. Getting a sex toy or two for some freakier fun once in a while is unlikely to become a crutch – variety is the spice of life, so while you may be getting adventurous you can and probably will enjoy your familiar favourites even more than you did before.

Many couples worry that getting sex toys involved is a slippery slope that ends with them becoming dependent on sex toys to get off, but the opposite seems to be true – sex toys are always an option, but at the end of the day, the goal is to increase intimacy with your partner. Doing so will make all types of sex more enjoyable.


Introducing sex toys to the bedroom can make sex more exciting, reduce performance anxiety, help you and your partner discover more about each other, and make all types of sex more enjoyable. After all, sex is an important part of any intimate relationship, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new if it will bring you and your partner closer in the end.