The Best Sex Toys For Couples: Our Top Picks

So you have decided that you want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner by introducing sex toys – that’s great news! This naturally begs the question – which toys are the best for couples? 

There are hundreds of toys to choose from, and while some may seem like they would be fun to use you might find them better suited to solo play. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few of the best toys for use with a partner. 

We-Vibe Unite

Easily one of the most versatile sex toys on the market, We-Vibe Unite is designed so that it can be used during penetrative sex. Few toys can boast such a smart and thoughtful design.

This toy provides powerful clitoral stimulation and also targets the G spot with its body-hugging design, with the inner part being compact, leaving plenty of space for your partner’s manhood. It will feel amazing for him, too!

The We-Vibe Unite is designed with couples in mind, but it can also be used for solo play – men can use it as a stroker, while women can use it like they would any other vibrator. It comes with a remote, so when you are using it during sex it’s easy to change the settings for maximum satisfaction.

Indoor Sex Swing

Swings aren’t just for children – this indoor sex swing is a fun addition to your collection of sex toys. It’s easily and discreetly installed on a sturdy, locked door and will allow you and your partner to discover positions and satisfaction you may not have thought possible.

The indoor sex swing isn’t just fun; some people who suffer from aches and pains find its supportive nature makes sex more comfortable and enjoyable. You can also combine the swing with other toys like the We-Vibe Unite for a mind-blowing experience.

Perhaps the best part about this sex swing is that it is easy to set up and take down, and won’t take up much space in a drawer or cupboard. The only thing you need to be careful of here to prevent injury is to make sure the door you are installing it on is not loose at the hinges, lockable, or otherwise damaged.

Fifty Shades Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Couples Kit

This little box of tricks is perfect for the adventurous couple who wants to experiment with some light BDSM. It contains various items for you and your partner to play with – just let your imaginations run wild!

The Pleasure Overload kit has just about everything you need – silky restraints, nipple clamps, a blindfold, vibrators, and more – you and your partner can get very creative and try a whole bunch of new things using this kit, This is sure to create a stronger feeling of intimacy and adventure which can help improve your relationship and understanding of each other.

Also included is a silky storage bag for you to keep everything stowed safely and discreetly until you want to play some more. A thoughtful addition, to be sure. The Pleasure Overload kit offers great value and endless fun for the adventurous couple.


This little vibrator is made specifically with foreplay in mind.  Its special design features a lipped end that is perfect for teasing your partner’s nipples, clitoris, and other areas of the body – before long, your partner will be begging and pleading for you to take them, and as the anticipation builds, so too will the satisfaction you each get from sex.

The SVAKOM Candy is also small enough to be used comfortably while you are having sex, heightening pleasure where you need it most. It is an uncomplicated toy that is easy to handle and operate. An added bonus is the waterproofing, making it perfect for those steamy shower sessions.

The cute and compact design make it an ideal toy for beginners, but it is a great addition to any collection especially if you love your foreplay. 


Another great product from SVAKOM is the Winni – this is a fantastic vibrating cock ring that will enhance sex for both partners, and is also more versatile than meets the eye.

For men, the soft-yet-firm silicone will help restrict blood flow to the penis, increasing the strength and size of their erection while also improving stamina. The powerful vibration will stimulate the woman’s clitoris and can be controlled via remote control.

Like most SVAKOM products, the Winni is designed to be as quiet and discreet as possible – although it doesn’t do much to stop the natural reflexive moans of pleasure. Of course, the Winni can be used purely as a clitoral stimulator but is best enjoyed with a partner.


With so many sex toys to choose from it can be hard to find the right one to use with a partner.